[Unofficial] Girls und panzer voice pack []

Girls und panzer voice pack

Girls und Panzer voice mod for World of Tanks

My voice pack Includes

– Nishizumi Miho
– Akiyama Yukari
– Reizei Mako
– Isuzu Hana
– Takebe Saori
– Nonna
– Nishi Kinuyo
– Anko team
– Hippo team
– Rabbit team
– Turtle team
– Shimada Arisu

Do enjoy ^ – ^


Choose voice mod you want.
Place all files from audioww folder to World_of_Tanks/res_mods/#version/audioww
Set voice message in battle to “Standard”.


Special thanks to Lorenzo_Ruiz, zeta29, GlazeCutieShy, ORYLY and jact2047 who made these amazing voice mods (Turtle team, Rabbit team, Hippo team, and Nishi Kinuyo).

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5 Comments on “[Unofficial] Girls und panzer voice pack []”

  1. This is good after instralling this mod my victory rate went from 0.10% to 50% amazing mod keep up the good work 😀

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