Zorgane’s/Gnomefather’s Gun + Engine Sounds (Classic’s Update) []

Gnomefather's Gun + Engine Sounds

After some discussion with Zorgane, I will continue to update the mod in between his updates (i.e. for new patches) for the foreseeable future.

UPDATE (27 April 2022): A new core version has been released (v3.08), adding new engine sound for the AMX 30 series/B-C 25 t, and a new reload sound for several German 105mm guns! Unfortunately, Zorgane’s Wwise license is expiring soon, which means this may be the last update with any brand-new sounds for a while. However, this mod will continue being updated for new vehicles/game patches/etc as usual, using this new core version as a base.

This is an update for Zorgane’s Engine/Gun sound mod (revival of Gnomefather’s sounds), which adds all missing gun/engine sounds for vehicles introduced since the mod was last updated (13 Nov 2020), in addition to some fixes/tweaks/new sounds.

NOTE: If you would like to disable custom engine sounds, go into mods\configs\PYmods\SoundEventInjector\configs\ and delete the “Gnome_Zorg_engines_principes.json” and Gnome_Zorg_engines_exceptions.json” files.

Likewise, if you would like to disable the optional ELC rally car engine sounds, delete the “Gnome_Zorg_OPTIONAL_ELC_engines.json” file from the above folder.

IMPORTANT: Not all vehicles have custom engine sounds!

Please note: not all vehicles include a custom engine sound at this time. A number of vehicles will feature the stock sounds for now, as updating engine sounds to the new format is quite difficult. Additionally, some vehicles do not feature sounds outside of the player view (meaning, for example, Leopard 1’s custom engine sound can only be heard if you are driving it, NOT if you are spectating). This is for performance reasons, as loading too many custom sounds at once can cause issues, especially when there is not enough system memory (RAM).


To install, open the downloaded .ZIP file, then extract the included “mods” folder to your WoT install directory (for example: C:\Games\World_of_Tanks\).

Once this is done, start your game and follow the popup instructions (click shutdown/restart).

Please carefully follow the install instructions above to ensure proper functionality of the mod. The following folders (+ their included contents) MUST be present for the mod to function, so if you are having trouble with the mod, please ensure these folders are present after completing the install process:


If any of the above folder(s) are missing, please make sure to follow the mod install instructions properly. If the modded sounds still do not work even with all of the above folders present, check to make sure no other mods are conflicting with this one.



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