Replay Manager v 3.7.6 []

Mod allows you to manage your game replays directly from the the game!

Main features of the mod:

– display in a convenient form all replays from the folder “replays”.
– sorting and filtering replays on various parameters, simplifying the search for the desired replay.
– viewing the results of the recorded battle in a convenient form.
– running the selected replay without restarting the game client (launching the rep is possible ONLY after disconnecting from the server).
– upload replays to the site and get a direct link to it.


Copy content of downloaded archive into game folder, confirm the replacement of files.



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15 Comments on “Replay Manager v 3.7.6 []”

    1. es facil solo descargas la mas reciente y la vas pasando de folder en folder cada que aya nuevo pach
      descargas/mods/ copias y pegas
      espero le sirva a alguen es facil de usar y es genial

  1. Have to disconnect from the world of tanks server, which puts you into login screen and access the mod list from the login screen in the bottom right, click on the replay manager and it will open it up.. figured this out by the stating “running the selected replay without restarting the game client (launching the rep is possible ONLY after disconnecting from the server).”
    so i tried disconnecting and found the button

  2. Hello,
    Overall, i quite like this mod, BUT ! I really despise the xp filter. It ranks replays based on multiplicated xp, not base/raw xp. So if one day a i had a shitty game but with lots of various boosters (i.e. missions, personal boosters, clan boosters, premium account, top of the tree) it will be better ranked than a top notch battle without anything. Please change it.

  3. On some battles, the stats do not show at all – just dashes. Is there something I can do to stop this behaviour, or is it a glitch?

    1. dont exit battles in the middle manually, battle replay is only recorded properly when the game finishes

    1. The problem with that approach is that the replay files have limited information regarding the battle so it requires some guesswork if you are searching back through earlier replays. This mod gives you much more context allowing you to more easily identify and select the replay you’re looking for.

    2. as well, it is *possible* to play multiple replays one after the other without rebooting the client. useful if you don’t have a fast SSD (me).

  4. This mod is gread, I wish it had a statistick with maps played/date.
    Some maps are so more ofteh than others.

  5. As it states to be a replaymanager, i do miss bulk-delete-function for replays. You can delete 1 by 1, but not bulk. In order to do so, you must delete them from folder. No big deal, just saying that the delete-function it has, is more of a useless joke.

  6. – running the selected replay without restarting the game client (launching the rep is possible ONLY after disconnecting from the server).

    LIES. This mod is completely useless. It doesn’t do that. What use is for this mod again?

    You can delete files but one by one and with lag, better just use windows explorer.
    The only use would be not restarting client FOR EVERY SINGLE REPLAY.
    Mod claims it does this but you must be disconected. I tried after disconectiong, or starting WOT and not connecting and accesses the mod from the log in screen. IT STILL REBOOTS THE GAME. WHAT THE HELL WHY DID YOU LIE 🙁

  7. Replay manager is handy tool. yes instructions would be good to have. You can access the replay manager from garage. bottom right corner a button with modication list will have appeared, for me button left next to the message center button.

    Replay manager not always shows all available replays, apart from that it is handy to have the battle results and details available so its easier to find a certain replay. also upload to wot replays is handy!

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