Armor Calculator Pro []

Armor Calculator Pro

The mod shows the tank armor at the aiming position

– armor calculator that supports all types of shells (includes modern shell mechanic)
– supports reduced pen power over distance
– optional extended armor info messages (i.E. “ONLY WITH +RNG PEN”) to display ‘sure’ hits or hits only with positive RNG
– can display armor information from allied tanks (optional)
– highly customizable settings interface (change in-game messages directly in the settings GUI)
– mod is using real flash actionscript 3, no external flash library is needed (say goodbye to GUIFlash)
– this mod was included in the unreleased proHUD mod and is now available as standalone version


Extract the downloaded zip-archive in your game folder!



Download mod

File Description File size
zip champi.armorcalculatorpro_0.94.004_1.24.0.0
459 KB
zip champi.armorcalculatorpro_0.94.003_1.23.1.0
459 KB
zip champi.armorcalculatorpro_0.94.001_1.23.0.0
447 KB

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  1. The HUD doesn’t show up for me. Did I miss some important step? Bcz from my understanding, copypasting is all that is needed.

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