Improved Night Mod []

Improved Night Mod

This mod will turn almost all in game maps into night and storm scenario with improved shaders (see changelogs for map list).

Use only with Improved graphics settings (this mod is meant to be played with the highest graphics preset).
Turn on grass settings to check the new windy scenarios on most maps.
The maximum or ultra quality of lighting is important for new sky to be reflected.
Change Brightness and Gamma in the game settings to affect visibility (this mod is meant to be played with the default values).
Not compatible with fog / sun glare remover, etc.


Simply drag and drop .wotmod file from zip folder in to your
World_of_Tanks*\mods\(current game version)


Ardy098, toha_kartoha2013

5/5 - (2 votes)

Download mod

File Description File size
zip i_ImprovedNightMod_2.6.0
51 MB
zip i_ImprovedNightMod_2.5.0
46 MB
zip i_ImprovedNightMod_2.3.0
34 MB
zip i_ImprovedNightMod_2.2.0
30 MB
zip ImprovedNightMod
80 MB

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