Improved Night Mod []

Improved Night Mod

This mod improves upon the original by changing some of the features.

Removed or not included:

Maps that are too bright, have little to no object shadows, or have very bright and reflective snow. This includes the following maps: Malinovka, Province, Prokhorovka, Ensk, Lakeville, Ruinberg, Murovanka, Erlenberg, Widepark, Cliff, Sand River, El Hallouf, Airfield, Steppes, Mountain pass, Highway, Serene Coast, Tundra, Kharkov, Minsk, Lost city, Studzianky, Overlord, Paris, Pilsen, Berlin, Pearl River, Nebelburg and Klondike. All other maps have been kept in the mod

Example of removed map Ensk and Sand River:

Example of map Fisherman’s bay that has not been removed:

Cloud effects (Clear night sky)
HDR configurations of the original (to make it appear darker)


Re-added Fog to make maps easier to play on
Icons for every map (loading screen, etc.)

Soon to be tested: Berlin, Pearl River

Warning: This mod makes it difficult to see, it can be more difficult to play with this mod enabled

Note: If you don’t use HD graphics, it might not look as presented


Download the .wotmod file
put the file into the current version of your world of tanks mods folder



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Download mod

File Description File size
zip i_ImprovedNightMod_2.5.0
46 MB
zip i_ImprovedNightMod_2.3.0
34 MB
zip i_ImprovedNightMod_2.2.0
30 MB
zip ImprovedNightMod
80 MB

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