Distance Marker []

Distance Marker

Distance Marker

A mod displaying customizable markers with a distance to tanks.


draggable with mouse during battle (holding CTRL button)
customizable text color and shadow, position, distance precision
displaying either for all tanks or only enemies

Configurable using Mod Configurator by IzeBerg using “<>” button in right-bottom corner in the garage.

Source code & feedback

Mod is open-source and present on Github repository.

You can contact me:

PM me on discord: fierioziy (nick: Pruszko [EU] on WoT official discord)
in game on EU server: Pruszko
or GitHub issues here


Thanks to:

IzeBerg – for cool GUI configuration API
POLIROID – for ModsListAPI
shuxue – for Russian translations


Copy “DistanceMarker_X.wotmod” and other “*.wotmod” files extracted from downloaded zip into “[WoT game directory]/mods/[version]/” directory

Configuration is done in Mod Configurator using “<>” button in right-bottom corner in the garage.

Config file location:

[WoT game directory]/mods/configs/DistanceMarker/config.json



Download mod

File Description File size
zip DistanceMarker_2.0.1
306 KB

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