ThePredator’s Rheinmetall Skorpians Pack []

ThePredators Rheinmetall Skorpians Pack

This mod is a pack that replaces the premium Rheinmetall Skorpian G Tank Destroyer and Skorpian_G114

You have the option to chose from two textures and two models variants.
Texture Desert and German Gray for Skorpian_G. Model with fired shell casings and w/out fired casings for both tanks (G144 & S_G).
The only thing to remember is that R. Skorpian_G will modify the materials for Skorpian_G114 if you decide to replace only one tank.
The texture will stay the same for the camouflage to work properly.

Removed front “mud guards”; added driver’s periscope; fired shell cases; front towing shackles; front-right light added; back-right “stop” light added; more tracks;…


This mod in order to work properly you have to replace both tank destroyers.
Just as it’s mentioned below.

Extract the zip file and copy “gui & vehicles” folders from the unzipped folder into your World_of_Tanks\res_mods\1.*** (current version of the game ex.”V1.1X.X.X”) folder and you’re good to go.
Just in case verify the latest patch before you replace it, so you can be sure that it will be in your game when you run it.

Credits & Special Thanks:

WARGAMING: Default Models, mikeoverbay(Coffee_): TankExporter Tool.

Download mod

File Description File size
zip ThePredators_Skorpians_Pack
310 MB

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