Classic’s “Dakka Plus” Remodel Pack []

Dakka Plus

An extension of the original “Dakka Improvement Project” mod for World of Tanks, Dakka Plus is a remodel pack including a number of vehicles with additional equipment + dakka. This will be taking the place of the old mod for most new content updates, and mainly features vehicles with more complex remodels compared to the original set.

Newest additions are indicated with bold text below.
Currently included vehicles (26 Total):

MT: Škoda T 27 (with Polsten-type MG + additional turret equipment)


HT: BDR G1 B (with roof-mounted 25mm mle. 1936 autocannon + Mordian extended cupola MG barrel)


TD: Jagdtiger (with deck-mounted MG42 + additional equipment)


HT: Progetto CC55 mod. 54 (with roof-mounted MG 42/59), Progetto C50 mod. 66 (with cupola-mounted MG 42/59 + roof-mounted remote MG turret), Rinoceronte (with cupola-mounted MG 42/59)


HT: Type 5 Heavy “Hokan” (with 4x 25mm Type 96 AA + Vickers 40mm machine gun [stowed] + additional hull & turret equipment)


MT: CS-59 (with spotlight + cupola-mounted KPVT MG), CS-63 (with cupola-mounted KPVT MG + additional equipment)


TD: UDES 03 (with roof-mounted Ksp 58 MG + 3D exterior fans)


MT: Centurion 7/1 (WIP)
HT: Super Conqueror (WIP)
TD: GSOR 1008 (WIP), FV4005 (with .30-cal MG, gun canvas cover + additional hull & turret equipment)


LT: XM551 Sheridan (with shielded .50-cal MG)
MT: ASTRON Rex 105 mm, M48A5 Patton (with 2x M2 .50-cal MGs + repositioned M60 MGs + gun mantlet canvas cover)
HT: AE Phase 1 (with twin-.50-cal MGs), Concept 1B (with remote .50-cal MG + spotlight + training flares), T110E5 (WIP)
TD: T28 HTC (with dual roof-mounted .50-cal MGs)


HT: IS-3A (with twin-KPVT mount + modernized hull with extra equipment), ST-I (with cupola-mount DShK MG + improved hull model), IS-7 with raised KPVT MG mount + additional DShK (stowed + covered)

TD: SU-130PM (WIP), Object 263 (with ring-mounted KPVT MG + modernization equipment)

More vehicles are in the works; stay tuned for updates!

[NOTICE] The following vehicles currently have their full Dakka Plus versions in development: Rinoceronte, Centurion 7/1, GSOR 1008, Super Conqueror, ASTRON Rex, T110E5, and SU-130PM.

These vehicles are currently included in the pack; however, they have not yet been changed from their original Legacy configuration. They will be updated with their overhauled “Plus” versions over time.


MAIN: To install, drag the “CWW-Dakka-Plus” folder to \mods\.

(Example: C:\Games\World_Of_Tanks\mods\).

All included vehicles are packaged in separate .wotmods for user convenience. Any vehicles which you do not want to use can be disabled by removing their .wotmod file(s).



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