CHAMPi’s Custom Outline Colors []

CHAMPi's Custom Outline Colors

This mod allows you to define your own outline colors for vehicles, garage, flag, destructible objects etc.

You can switch in real-time though the predefined color layouts by pressing the defined hotkey (default: CTRL-PAGE_UP) during the battle.

If you want to set your own colors you need to select ‘Custom color scheme’ and re-open the settings dialog to see the complete settings option for each color, when it wasn’t already selected before.


Extract the downloaded zip-archive in your game folder!


IzeBerg: For the modsettings api.
P0LIR0ID: For the modslist api.

Download mod

File Description File size
zip champi.customoutlinecolors_1.02.001_1.24.1.2
479 KB
zip champi.customoutlinecolors_1.01.005_1.21.1.0
441 KB
zip champi.customoutlinecolors_1.01.004_1.21.0.0
440 KB

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