Reticle Dispersion Pro []

Reticle Dispersion Pro

Reduces the displayed dispersion circle size on the HUD to better match the gun’s actual spread


option to adjust the reduce factor in settings menu
option to replace the original dispersion circle with the circle with reduced size
option to display an additional server side dispersion circle
option to display aiming information like: remaining aiming time to fully aim in and the current percentage of aiming.

Note: After installing the mod go to the settings menu (lower right <<>> button at the bottom in the garage) and select “Champi mods settings”. There you can select the features you want!


Extract the downloaded zip-archive in your game folder!



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Download mod

File Description File size
zip champi.reticledispersionpro_1.04.001_1.24.0.0
521 KB
zip champi.reticledispersionpro_1.03.000_1.23.1.0
508 KB

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