High School Fleet Sound Mod []

High School Fleet Sound Mod

Hi, Guys.

I made a High School Fleet sound mod from World of Warship’s source. Basically it’s japanese voice. And it’s not designed for commercial purposes. Poor source parts were added with reference to the animation. But the sound when enemy SPG shell falling near your tank couldn’t be matched. Please leave a comment if you have any suggestions.

# Notice (2019.03.07)
I’m very embarrassed now. Because my modes have already been modified to correspond to the current version, but I haven’t passed the screening yet. It has been over a month. Furthermore, I received an unwarranted notification of the distribution of that adv version(with BGM) through a Google share. Of course I know such sharing will cause security problems. I expect them to give me alternatives, but they have not yet answered. And I do not have any other way, so distribution of this version will have to go through other site. But do not worry. Sooner or later the game version will be updated, so I will upload the simple mod corresponding to that version. I would like to say I always appreciate those who are always waiting for my mod.

Hope enjoy 🙂


This compressed file contains two folders, mods and res_modsi. Put them in the wot folder.

And select standard voice messages.

If you paste it onto the route, you can immediately see the different login screen.



Download mod

File Description File size
zip High_Fleet_v3.10.0_simple 8 MB

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