[1.0.0] DeX Mod Project

Are you bored of playing World of Tanks in user mode? Of not progressing as fast as your friends? In our project, we have created a modified version of e[X]tended [V]isualization [M]od, adapting it to players for a better gameplay. Moreover, we have included a large selection of customizable mods in four languages (Spanish, English, Italian and Romanian), so that you can play better and progress faster.
Highlights of our mod:
– 5 years of experience with mods.
– Automatic installer detects WOT versions..
– Support for profiles exportable from the installer.
– Management of temporary files and updates.
– Preview of the mods with images and sounds.
– Highly customizable components.
– Stable updates.
– Fast and customizable support from the WOTanksMods forum.



– The installer detects which WOT versions you already have on your computer.
– You can create backups that will be restored automatically after uninstalling the mod.
– You can select as many mods as you want to install, you have images and descriptions that will help you.
– You have tools to remove WOT cache to make the game more fluid.
– You can export your profile (DMP) so that you can have all your settings.
– To uninstall the modpack, use windows feature to remove programs

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Download mod

File Description File size
rar DeX_Mod_Project_1.0.0_build_8255_v7.5 20 MB

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