PMOD is a complex modification, it’s not a modpack, it’s one single mod. It allows to improve gameplay, and provides many new features, previously unavailable to the player.


Open the downloaded archive with any archiver, or standard Windows interface.
Drag or copy from the archive folder “mods” in the folder where you installed the tanks, if you are asked to replace the files or folders can agree or disagree there is no difference.

This installation is complete, you can go to the tanks and play. Although you probably want to include some options and / or configure the already included. Then take another minute to read.

To configure the mod you do not need knowledge in programming, or dancing with tambourine. All you need is a the text editor Notepad++ or any analogue. All the settings of the mod are in the files inside the folder: mods/configs/pmod (pmod.json – the root file) Inside the files you will find a detailed description of all the parameters and their standard values.



Download mod

File Description File size
zip PMOD_ver_73-6
3 MB
zip PMOD_ver_72-3
3 MB
zip PMOD_ver_1.23.1.0_71-0
2 MB
zip PMOD_ver_1.23.0.1_70-0
3 MB
zip PMOD_ver_1.23.0.0_70-0
3 MB
zip PMOD_ver_1.22.1.0_69-0
3 MB
zip PMOD_ver_1.22.0.1_68-2
3 MB
zip PMOD_ver_1.21.1.1_67-0
3 MB
zip PMOD_ver_1.21.1.0_67-0
3 MB
zip PMOD_ver_1.21.0.0_66-0
3 MB
zip PMOD_ver_1.20.1.1_65-1
3 MB

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  1. Tại sao t sao chép từ thư mục lưu trữ “mod” vào thư mục có chứa game mà mod k hoạt động ?

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