[1.0.0] Time Spent – session stats

Mod is able to collect and display the following statistics in the system channel:

Credit statistics;
Statistics of experience;
Damage statistics;
Statistics expenses;
Statistics bonuses from reserves;
Statistics penalties;
time statistics;
Statistics combat effectiveness;
Ratings combat effectiveness (WGR, EFF, BS, WN6, WN7, WN8, WN8KTTC, BR);
Detailed statistics of the last battle;
Statistics Account at the beginning of the session;
The impact of the current session on the account;

Mod also has a number of the following options:

Unlimited number of customizable statistics session with the same set of macros;
Each session includes: general statistics, statistics on the tanks, on the cards Statistics;
Specifying types of fights that statistics will fall in a particular session;
Freely configurable data output on the basis of macros and templates with support for internal and external icons;
The output data is somewhat arbitrary custom pages;
Customizable information management buttons;
Call detailed results of the last battle of the statistics window;
Update your information without closing the Notification Center;
Configurable output of the previous battle results in combat chat;
Setting an arbitrary path to the statistics file;
Automatically reset the statistics at a specified time;
Reset Statistics button;
Automatic restart config to adjust the output of the results;
Automatic download of National config (if any);
Setting the species of buttons;
Setting scrolling speed communications channel in the system;
Setting output PopUp results battlefield in a hangar;
Setting output battlefield results in a systematic channel;
Setting output battle results in combat chat;
Support for multi-file configuration file;
Automatic version control file statistics;


Run the installer mod
Select a folder with the game
Choose your favorite skin
Install the skin

Download mod

File Description File size
rar TimeSpent- 38 MB

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