[0.9.20] Taipan Arty CrossHair

Artys CrossHair for World of tanks 0.9.20. Author Domin4tor. Series scopes Taipan for WOT also famous for its super sight for the arts, which is not inferior to all of the known art sight sword of Damocles. It is very convenient and will be the most beneficial for every self-respecting artovoda.

Art sights Taipan shows the following data:

splash – Display range of the fragments of the projectile after hitting the enemy (thus you can inflict maximum damage to the enemy in spite if all the pieces fall into it. Also it will be very convenient if the enemy is behind a rock and you can not for him to get a direct hit, shoot and fall into his lap splash splinters pointing at the right place);
following the alleged location of the enemy after the projectile will fly to it (automatic preemption speeds);
vertical aiming angles;
and other useful items;


Copy the «res_mods» folder to: «\World of Tanks\»

Download mod

File Description File size
zip arty_sight_taipan 190 KB

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