Beals Mods []

Beals Mods

What’s Inside?

xvm Aslains config tweaked
custom site
deadtanks of grey & white tracks
zoom in 30 max & zoom out 500
custom damage panel and log
eff counter
custom radial menu = z
mini map pop up = rght ctrl
crew skill informer = backspace
custom 6th sense sound
Arty splash Bloom b = on/off
Quick repair two options = t or ctrl + mouse click = on/off
Wg Replay
custom garage
last shot viewer
two easter egg sounds
friendfinder and notifier
Minion crew
Grid coords on map

For the latest version of bcore its always best to get it directly from Teamspeak look in the description of

🧰 Il███████████████] 🧰 for the latest version as i only upload here to confirm compliance of wg mod policy.

Go to C:\Games\World_of_Tanks or C:\Games\World_of_Tanks_Na .
Delete res_mods and mods folder REPEAT Only Res_mods and mods folder.
Open Bcore zip then open bcore folder drag the res_mods and mods folder from my zip to your world of tanks install location as above.
If you happen to show blank info on sights or damage log look in the extra folder for fonts to install.



Download mod

File Description File size
zip B_Core_Mod-Hub-1.17.x.x
491 MB
zip B_Core_Mod-Hub-1.14.x.x
516 MB
zip B_Core_Mod-Hub-
999 MB

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