Show current equipment in battle []

Show current equipment in battle

This modification shows your current equipment and directive in battle near consumables panel.

You can drag panel in battle using Ctrl + Left Mouse Button to anywhere you need, hide panel using Ctrl + H hotkey and reset panel position using Ctrl + R.

Modification has 2 working modes – show always and only by pressing and holding Alt button. The default one is first.

To configure mod you have to edit configuration file located in %wotroot%/mods/configs/battleEquipment/config.json, where %wotroot% is your game root folder.
For this purpose, use Notepad++, Visual Studio Code or any other text editor that supports opening and saving JSON files in UTF-8 coding.
The needed key to edit – mode.


1. Download modification
2. Unpack it to the game root folder



Download mod

File Description File size
zip kurzdor.battleEquipment_1.8.0
124 KB

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