Girls und panzer music MOD []

Girls und panzer music MOD

This MOD is made by The socialist music promotion committee.

important information: Guess what will happen? We are going to update the latest version of music mod!Send your ideas to the message area, and we will improve mod according to your suggestions.Coming soooooooooooooon!

Important note: We used higher quality music, which led to excessive volume under default settings.
We recommend that you Settings – Sound – Master Volume change it to 50.
If you think some kind of music is too big. You can change it in Settings – Sound – Master Sound.
We didn’t expect that changing the higher tone quality would lead to this problem.We hope everyone will have a better game experience.

This mod includes
– Login screen music
– Battle music
– Battle result music
-Hangar music.
-Countdown music.
Includes musics from Girls und panzer der film too.

-No demo, because I can’t record video.
-Warning:If a bug is found, play the game in plug-in-free mode first. If the music package returns to normal in plug-in-free mode, your plug-in conflicts with the music package.

Technical support – viper_LEE、YoRHa_NO_9_Type_S
Material collection – viper_LEE、ZTZ99_Zack

P.S.This mod is prohibited for any commercial purpose.

If you like our MOD, please give us the score so that more people can know it.

Q.A:Why do we make this?
A:Because my friends (viper_LEE)like [Unofficial] Girls und Panzer music mod but the author has not updated for a long time.Well,my friend learned to make music MOD.

Tips:My English isn’t very good and I must take the time to understand your message.

If there are other recommended songs, please leave a message. I will consider adding it.

If there is bug, please leave a message, I will take the time to check.

Enjoy your game.


将audioww文件夹放在World_of_Tanks / res_mods / #version中



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File Description File size
zip GUP1.11
206 MB
zip Girls_und_panzer_music_MOD1.10
206 MB
zip Girls_und_panzer_music_MOD1.9
155 MB

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