Camera addons []

Files are for:

– disable blackout and landscaping in sniper mode;
– disable the red flash when the enemy hits you;
– disable the camera rotation limit in the sniper scope for vehicles with limited angle of horizontal gun guidance (AT-SPG);
– disable hints for the transition to the siege regime and the alternative sight of SPGs;
– blocking a shot at the allies and corpses (destroyed vehicle);
– adjustment of the camera distance, edit the magnification ratio of the sight in sniper mode.

The above functional is presented in the form of separate additions:

1) “noBinoculars”
2) “noFlashBang”
3) “noCameraLimit”
4) “noAimHint”
5) “safeShot”
6) “extendedZoom”

Installation Guide

1) Download the archive
2) Depending on the selected mod, the contents of the folder should be unpacked into the client’s root directory (in the folder with the game client)

Each add-on includes a configuration file for its setting, located along the path:

mods\configs\camAddons\ “mods_name.json”



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