True Server Reticle []

True Server Reticle

A mod fixing several flaws in the reticle system, inspired by Jak_Atackka’s FixReticleSize mod, along with displaying useful information.

This mod aims to minimize (or in certain cases even remove) the likelyhood that shots go outside your reticle, while also scaling it down to its true size, similar to what “Fix Reticle Size” does.

The mod may also display your current dispersion, so you can better gauge how aimed in you truly are.

You can enable / disable features (or even the entire mod) in the garage if modsListAPI and modSettingsAPI are installed.

The mod is also fully open-source on GitHub.


Copy all the .wotmod files from the zip file into the mods/ folder in the game’s root.
Be sure to remove previous versions of the mod, as they may cause issues.



Download mod

File Description File size
zip TSR_1.1.4_1.23.1
157 KB

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