CameraMod – Crosshairs in the center of the screen and more []

CameraMod - Crosshairs in the center of the screen and more

CameraMode – This is the “avatar_input_handler.xml” file that contains most of the camera settings that apply in battle.

This is for PMOD by default
PMOD – if you use it together with “CameraMode”, “PMOD” will have priority in the settings. For “CameraMode” to work as intended, you must turn off the module: “onStartDeadDistance.json”, “zoomDistance.json”.

If you install “PMOD” from modpacks, there may be other modules included, for example: “zoomX.json” “scrollSensitivity.json” or other modules.

You can see how I have PMOD set up, it works together with “CameraMode”.

There are 4 files in the archive, they differ only in the written values of the return to xZoom:
1) “CameraMode_Zoom_None_Transition” – 1 2 4 8 16 32 64
2) “CameraMode_Zoom_Transition_to_x1” – 1 2 4 8 16 32 64 1
3) “CameraMode_Zoom_Transition_to_x2” – 1 2 4 8 16 32 64 2
4) “CameraMode_Zoom_Transition_to_x4” – 1 2 4 8 16 32 64 4

How it works: In the “General” setting, you have to turn on the additional xZooms. When you are at a value greater than the “return to xZoom” value you selected, you will go back for 1 scroll of the mouse wheel to the “xZoom” multiplier that is selected. Also select the appropriate multiplicity when entering the sniperMode.

What has changed compared to the original file: (*) – original.
– Removed the recoil when shooting with the dynamic camera on. The interface will continue to move on the screen.

– 0.0 0.0(0.0 0.15) Now crosshair will be exactly in the center of screen.
– 10(5) Scrolling speed per wheel cutoff.
– 25 110(10 110) Angle limitation.
– 5 25(2 25) Distance from the center of the tank.
– 25(0.0) Static value when entering a battle.
– 0(3) Angle limitation, now you can aim at your tank.
– 0(0.2) Gives you the ability to switch to the commander and tactical camera without the additional cutoff when scrolling.
– Reworked “Commander” and “Tactical” camera.

– Scope shadow remover.
– Scope shadow remover.
– Added x1 and the value for the next one is multiplied by 2.

*There are other changes not shown here.

To understand which horizon we are talking about, first look at the center of the crosshairs in arcadeMode, and then switch to the screenshot in sniperMode. When you aim in arcadeMode, your eyes focus on the crosshair, when you switch to sniperMode, your eyes should refocus lower because the crosshair in sniperMode is on the horizon of your monitor.


Inside is an additional file “Flash_for_CameraMode_&_Crosshair”, it will be updated outside of the main mod, almost every patch.
Move the selected variant from the archive to the game version folder in the path: “*\World_of_Tanks\mods\version\*”.
Be sure to turn on the additional zooms, commander and tactical camera in the “General” settings.
After all the steps, the installation and configuration is complete. You can test different options to return xZoom, but remember to delete the past file, otherwise you will get an error loading the mod when you start the game.



Download mod

File Description File size
7z CameraMode_unzip
4 MB

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