[] Auxilium

This is a small service mod to create more comfortable conditions of the game.

Current features:
The function “PreferredServer” – job server for the login and remembering user’s choice;
The function “saveLastServer” – remembering the last server which was played by the player;
The function “AutoEquip” – automatic installation of removable equipment for the selected tank;
The function “AutoOutfit” – automatic installation of the equipment for the selected tank (first aid Kit, repair Kit, fire extinguisher, etc.);
The function “AutoCrew” – automatic return of the last of the crew to the selected tank;
The function “Region Changer (Multi-client)” – the ability to play on all WoT clusters with one client.
The function “Circle of the dispersion” of the gun – displays the real circle of the dispersion of the gun.
The function “Server Sight” – displays the position of the sight on the server.
The function “Carousel of tanks” – adjustment of tank carousel
The option to disable the Handbrake in sniper mode;
Seting the duration of display light bulbs “6th sense”;
Seting the duration of displaying indicators of attack;
Function disable effect of hit of a shell in you;
Function disable flash effect when a shell hit you;
Function disable of the effect of the inertia of the camera;
Function disable of the recoil effect from the shot;
The disabling effect of the blackout in the sniper scope;
Function to enable horizontal stabilization for all tanks;
Seting the list of values zoom in sniper mode;
Seting fixed zoom value at switching in sniper mode;
Setting the “camera height” above the tank;
Setting the range of variation of the distance of the camera;
Specifies the size of the players panel at boot and the beginning of the battle;
Function “Contacts” – the allocation of the player from a predefined list to the contact list on the loading screen and “ears” of commands.
Function setting default credits instead of gold for equipment, and ammunition
Function to disable the ability to use gold
Function of disabling the ability to use free experience

To support the author and help in the development of mod in the following ways:

MasterCard: 5106211018429576
Yandex-Money: https://money.yandex.ru/to/410013932903103
PayPal: https://www.paypal.me/shurabb
WMR: R051923559108

WMZ: Z312682149663
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Run the installer mod
Select a folder with the game
Select the required options
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