[] TomeqTomula XVM+ModsPack

Armour Penetration Indicator – thickness indicator of armor and a chance for puncture

Autoaim indication+addins – autoaim with fixing caterpillar track under T button

Winning Percentage – determines winning chance ,according to WN8 scale

MavsUltraFog – increasing map clearity , may incraease fps

SafeShot – bloking shoot posibility to friend vehicles and wrecs

Sesion Statistics YasenKrasen – session statistic

Sexy Battle Results – changed window with battle stats

WN8_InBattle – showing reached WN8 indicator,live in battle

Installation Guide

Pack “instaluj” always instal according to instruction down below
From game folder World_of_Tanks delete folder “mods”and “res_mods”
Next paste folder”mods” and “res_mods” from my pack.

To restore files and folders to original Delete folder “mods” and “res_mods”
Next paste folders”mods” and res_mods” from my pack Original WoT.

Download mod

File Description File size
rar XVM_7.4.1+ModsPack_by_TT 14 MB

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