DENS’s modpack [1.12]

DENSs modpack

DENSs modpack

DENSs modpack

Dens_ModPack contains only mods approved by the developers of Wargaming.

This is a package of modifications compiled by DENS92zk.

*DENS logo and sound of Sixth Sense
*Mark of Friends in Battle
*AT Server Marker
*Fiends / Blacklist extended
*Unanonymizer on battle results
*Hangar Manager (temporarily removed)
*Battle Stats by YasenKrasen
*Auto Crew
*Auto Equip
*Crew Info In Battle with “B”

I am only the author of the skins and the sixth sense sound and logo.


Download exe and run, select where you have installed WOT , and install ModPack.
Descarga el exe (ejecutable) , selecciona la carpeta de tu WoT, e instala el ModPack.



Download mod

FileDescriptionFile size
zip Dens_ModPack_Installer_1.12.0.0_3.0 1.12
209 MB
zip Dens_ModPack_Installer_1.11.1.1_1.0
189 MB
zip Dens_ModPack_Installer_1.10.1.4_1.0
176 MB

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