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Vinyl Edition


After days full of fierce battles, you are relaxing in your tank’s garage and suddenly realized that the game’s factor such as soundtracks, images, … becomes too familiar to you. Then why wouldn’t you try out our mods? We will bring to you a new fresh air with a combination of cute anime girls and tankers’ spirits, leading you to your victory!

About Vinyl Edition contents, this is our latest edition of the ASMC. The music style of Vinyl Edition, as the name suggested, is a mix of electronic and rock music that you often experience in the 90s and 2000s. Therefore, the music has less anime-related theme and more suitable for general audience.

Interface elements of Vinyl Edition features sci-fi theme, where you can see mecha, cyborg, futuristic world, … all of which blends perfectly with the music and the mordern looking Miku hangar to create a satisfaction for any sci-fi lovers.


User Interfaces
Login Screen & Login Video
Battle Loading Screen
Sixthsense Icon
Crew Image
Battle Result Window
Music and Sound
Login Screen Music & Login Video Music
Hangar Music
Battle Loading Music & Combat Music
Crew Voice & Sixthsense Voice
Gun Sound (External mod from ed76na and Polyacov_Yury)
Support Mods
J1mB0 Crosshair (External mod from J1mB0, Grabaah and Andre_V)
J1mB0 Countour Icon (External mod from J1mB0 and Grabaah)
SaveAccount (External mod from Chirimen)


The year is 2265. It’s already near two centuries passed after the 77 hour war between human and machines, where the victor was the one with greater control over their advanced weaponery. This time, to not repeat the mistake we once made, us human chooses to reawake our old beasts: tanks that does not use the advanced technology to operate, thus inmune to the influence of the machines.

Surely you will need experienced crew mates to control these tanks. Meet our girls, who are abandoned dolls in the machine’s society. They are our best ally and will follow your every order to fight for the greater good of both races.

You are our world’s last hope, Commander! Lead the human revolution to victory!

About ASMC history, first introduced since update 8.10, when the Japanese tanks made their first appearance in the game, Anime-Style Mod Collection (ASMC) has been through a long journey. Changing your login screens, crew, voice, … and even the music into that of anime-related, we hope that our mod will not only satisfied anime lovers but also veterans that loves a change of wind to once again returning to the game with new enthusiasm.


We strongly recommends that you should remove all previous mods in your game folder.


Extract the downloaded archive using WinRAR (v5.21 or above).
Please read the Instruction file if this is your 1st installation time.
Open the installer.
Click next until you see the installation path. Browse to World of Tanks folder.

5. Select your mods following notes in the Instruction file.
6. Restart the game for 1-2 times to stablize the mods.
7. For best experience, refer to the Recommended In-game Settings in Instruction file.
8. To install more mods later, run the installer again and make changes, it automatically saves your previous selection.
9. To completely remove the mod, go into Control Panel/Programs and Features, look for Vinyl Edition.


Hangar mod only works with Improved Graphics and will not replace event hangar.
Sound Bank Loader must be installed if using any sound mod.
Record Background only scale correctly with 1920×1080 resolution.



Download mod

File Description File size
rar ASMC_10-Year_Anniversary_Mod_Pack
905 MB
rar ASMC_Vinyl_Edition
1 GB
rar ASMC_Vinyl_Edition
1 GB

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