[0.9.20] Modpack JdgDReDD

We offer you a modpack from the official English forum. Modpack JdgDReDD includes only the most necessary and useful mods:
– Sight Jimbo
– Sight Harpoon
– Vanilla sight
– Hit Log
– Minimap
– Carousel in 2 rows
– Sight Battle Assistant
– YasenKrasen mod

– Wn8 calculator
– Damage markers
– Team HP
– Removing the fog
– And others mods

Basically JdgDReDD modpack also called – sight assembly, since it consists of main and popular sights: Jimbo, Harpoon, Vanilla and of course Battle Assistant.


Delete the folder and replace res_mods this modpack. The default location for this folder C: \ Games \ World_of_Tanks

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Download mod

File Description File size
zip 16 MB
zip 16 MB
zip SightsModsXvM 15 MB

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