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Vehicle State

This mod allows you to show extra info in battle. By default it’s panel which located near crosshair and will show you info about your current health, current loaded shell penetration and its dispersion (+-25%), kind (i.e. normal, premium or stun using color), shell type and aiming timer.

Supported macroses by mod

Aiming timer:

– %(aimingRemainingTime)s – remaining aiming time
– %(c:aimingStatus)s – color depending on status (not ready, almost ready, ready)
– %(aimingProgress)s – aiming progress in percents
Health info:
– %(health)s – current player’s vehicle HP level
– %(c:health)s – color depending of current player’s vehicle HP level
– %(maxHealth)s – max player’s vehicle HP level including all factors (improved hardening, field modernization, etc.)
– %(healthPercentage)s – current player’s vehicle HP percentage
Shell info:
– %(shellDamage)s – current loaded shell damage
– %(shellDamageDispersion)s – current loaded shell damage dispersion
– %(shellPenetration)s – current loaded shell average penetration
– %(shellPenetrationDispersion)s – current shell penetration with +-25% dispersion
– %(shellType)s – current shell type
– %(shellKind)s – current shell kind (normal, premium or stun)
– %(c:shellKind)s – current shell type color (normal, premium or stun)
– %(shellSpeed)s – current shell speed
– %(gunElevation)s – gun elevation
– %(gunDepression)s – gun depression
– %(gunPitchLimits)s – gun elevation and depression

The macros list is also available inside file near configuration file.

These format templates can be configured inside game in the mod settings in garage (ModsSettingsAPI support) or using text editor to edit config file instead (recommended way to do it).
Configuration file itself is located in \mods\configs\kurzdor\vehiclestate\config.json.

Mod is also available in Aslain’s Modpack!

Discord support server –
Public repository to download my mods –


Unpack zip archive contents to the game folder.



Download mod

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