Licht XVM Config []

Licht XVM Config

Licht XVM Config

Licht XVM Config

Licht XVM Config

Lightweight, clean configuration of the vanilla XVM, without any other mods.
Perfect if you dont like the heavy mod packs.

Differences to the vanilla XVM:

– Showing xte values of the tanks (numbers with an ‘x’ at the end, xte shows how good a player is with this specific tank)
– Alternative mode (‘left Alt’ key) which shows more information
– More clean MiniMap
– Dont show nicks/ symbols of dead tanks
– and much more…


Open the WoT folder (C:\Games\World_of_Tanks)
Backup the res_mods folder inside (just to be sure)
Download this Mod
Extract it
Copy the folders inside the zip, to the WoT folder
Overwrite possible other files
Activate the online services at XVM



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File Description File size
zip Licht-XVM-8_2_1
8 MB

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