Elite Levels Remover []

Elite Levels Remover

First mod that allows to smarterly remove Elite levels system components introduced in patch 1.22.1.
It can remove anything related to elite levels system everywhere from the game.

Mod has support for settings inside garage (ModsSettingsAPI).

List of removed/disabled related to elite levels system by default:
1. Hangar widget above vehicle parameters widget
2. Widget in player’s profile in vehicle statistics
3. Platoon window
4. Battle results
5. System messages (Notification center): first entry, vehicle level up with one setting
6. Elite levels system onboarding is disabled by default when you enable mod (why would you need separate setting for one-time things and for those who already saw it, yeah?).
7. Reward window (level up, max level reach, etc.)
8. Elite vehicle acquire window.
9. Battle: battle loading, statistics on Tab key, players panel.

This mod is smart and will suppress future onboarding and first entry system messages mod shows due to explicitly setting “viewed” flag for them.

Mod is also available in Aslain’s Modpack!


Unpack zip archive to game folder.

Discord support server – https://discord.gg/3WBstp8nKn
Public repository to download my mods – https://github.com/Kurzdor/wotmods-public



Download mod

File Description File size
zip kurzdor.elitelevelsremover_1.4.4
192 KB

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