Mod Pack Pamboum []

Mod Pack Pamboum

Simple Mod Pack from YouTuber “Pamboum” to help beginners and provide battle feedback to improve yourself in the battlefield.

This Mod Pack include:

Gun Mark to monitor Mark of Excellence
Replay Manager to review previous games
Battle hits to understand the WHY shell go through your armor
Free Cam to review angle and position in a replay
Armor inspector in the garage to see most hidden armor characteristics


The file is an executable to install mods in your mod repository. 
You need to select the mod repository yourself.

See my video for help (in French): 



Download mod

File Description File size
zip Pamboum_ModPack_1.24.1.2
32 MB
zip Pamboum_ModPack_1.24.0.1
32 MB
zip Pamboum_ModPack_1.23.1.0
32 MB
zip Pamboum_ModPack_1.23.0.1
32 MB
zip Pamboum_ModPack_1.22.1.0
32 MB
zip Pamboum_ModPack_1.22.0.0
32 MB
zip Pamboum_ModPack_1.21.1.1
32 MB
zip Pamboum_ModPack_1.21.1.0
32 MB
zip Pamboum_ModPack_1.20.1.0
32 MB
zip Pamboum_ModPack_1.20.0.1
32 MB
zip Pamboum_ModPack_1.19.1.0
32 MB

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