I’ve successfully updated this package since wot 7.2, the goal was to create an uncomplicated, streamlined and, most importantly, functional package of mods.

list of mods:

Jimbo crosshair
Frost icons v1
Frost consumables/ammo icons
Hangar manager
Design chat/minimap commands
Yasen_krasen daily statistics
Crosshair angles
UT sounds
Crew extended stats
Reload command “key C”
Extended blacklist
Custom sounds (6sense , can setup ingame in MOD setup window)
Battle Hits viewer in garage
Modpack notifer in garage
XVM mod (with fdmod config:)
*change on win, safeshot, team hp bar, + next small tweaks


Go to your WOT folder. (standart is: C:/Games/World_of_Tanks/
Delete folders “mods” + “res_mods”
Unpack FDMOD file and folders “mods” + “res_mods” copy to:…World_of_Tanks/
Now installation fonts from: …FDMOD EN x.xx / _support_fdmod_ / fonts (just 1 times)
Activation xvm stats on site: www.modxvm.com
DONE !! …start game!



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Download mod

File Description File size
zip FDMOD_EN_4.47
54 MB
zip FDMOD_EN_4.35
53 MB
zip FDMOD_EN_4.33
53 MB
zip FDMOD_EN_4.23
51 MB
zip FDMOD_EN_4.19
50 MB
zip FDMOD_EN_4.12
50 MB
zip FDMOD_EN_4.09
50 MB
zip FDMOD_EN_4.00
52 MB
zip FDMOD_EN_3.89
50 MB
zip FDMOD_EN_3.81
52 MB
zip FDMOD_EN_3.46
44 MB
zip FDMOD_EN_3.40
43 MB
zip FDMOD_EN_3.35
42 MB
zip FDMOD_EN_3.25
43 MB
zip FDMOD_EN_3.00 45 MB

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