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OldSkools ProMod Installer is based on .NET Framework 4.5, this is why it is compatible with nearly every Windows-Platform. The instalation is fast and based on a Content-download system. The high capacity servers offer the users great stability and if the Promod shortcut is used, before every game start the user is informed if the version is up to date.

Most of the modifications from Promod are self coded. We do our best to have the installer ready to use with most of the features already working directly when each new patch from Wargaming is released. Also we are optimising our mods in such way that users with weaker computers do not lose a lot of frames during the gameplay.

The main feature of Promod is that it is simple to use by every user but with a fast performance. It is important that each user does not get confused with unnecessary information , that he gets detailed text and image explanation of what each mod is capable of. Our focus is that the mods are optimized and have a good functionality. This is why Promod is a modpack which relies on Quality and not on Quantity.

Installation Guide

Run the installer, pick your mods and enjoy. I highly recommend doing a clean install.

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zip ProMod 2 MB

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