Classic’s P.43 Ter “Comprovato” Remodel []

P.43 Ter

P.43 Ter

P.43 Ter

P.43 Ter

P.43 Ter

Battle-worn, postwar-style remodel for the P.43 ter, known as “Comprovato” (“Proven”).


To install, drag the included .wotmod files to \mods\.

(For example: C:\Games\World_of_Tanks\mods\)



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Download mod

File Description File size
zip ClassicsWoTWorkshop-P.43-ter-Comprovato-Remodel-v1.0a-
75 MB

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  1. просто пушка, вг бы поучиться у таких людей!!! которые УМЕЮТ делать КРАСИВЫЕ стили

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