‘Crew Incomplete’ icon & text-overlay removed []

'Crew Incomplete' icon & text-overlay removed

This is a very simple mod that removes the ‘Crew Incomplete’ text and icon from the carousel overlay in garage, as personally I found it too bright and “in your face”.
This mod may not be compatible with other mods that edit and include text-files under ‘text\lc_messages’, especially if they edit the file ‘menu.mo’. If you have mods installed that do not edit this particular file, but other files under ‘text\lc_messages’, just copy this file only and overwrite in addition to the ‘gui’-folder.
If you want to edit ‘menu.mo’ yourself, in the event that this file is needed for other mods and already there, use a hex-editor and search for ‘Crew Incomplete’. You will find three entries, go to the last one you find and edit it in hex and put ‘20’ (hex-number for space) for each of the letters then save. Only the last entry. Or you can use http://tools.konstruktors.com/ to convert.
Note: This mod uses no executable scripts, just edited original text files. So if you are worried about using mods you can be sure this one is entirely safe. Enjoy.

Installation: Unzip in to …\World_of_Tanks\res_mods\ folder



Download mod

File Description File size
zip WoT_1.25.0.0_CI_removed
2 MB
zip WoT_1.24.0.0_CI_removed
2 MB
zip WoT_1.6.0.3_CI_removed
1 MB

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