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Player Panel Pro

CHAMPi’s Tank Health Bars & Enemy Spotted Status was renamed to CHAMPi’s Player Panel Pro

Customizable tank health bars, tank class icons and enemy spotted status for the playerpanel without the need of XVM!


allows (optionally) to disable the flipping of the tank contour icons on the right side of the playerpanel, loading screen and in the crew tool-tip
option to display player damage during the battle for both teams
can draw tank health bars in many different styles
displays the total remaining structure points of each team as bar with value (optionally)
different display modes: always, toggle on/off via hotkey or toggle on by holding down the toggle key (customizable)
draws health bar background in vehicle class colors (see screenshot) or in standard green (own team) / red (enemy team).
supports colorblind mode
can show only remaining structure points or current/max structure points
changeable graphics and layout – you can make your own backgrounds if you like
displays tank class symbols beside the structure bar (optionally)
can show the enemy spotted status in a lot of different styles (optionally)
displays an icon for some well known players & streamers in the player panel. (optionally)
graphical user interface to control the most important settings (click on button on the lower right corner in the hangar – see screenshot)

Note: grey icon: undetected in this battle – green: spotted and visible – red: no longer visible but last location is known.

Note: the health bars of the enemy team are only updated when the opponent is spotted and you’re in radio signal range (if you didn’t spot it by yourself). This rule is also valid for your own team. With other words: YOU CAN’T SEE IF YOUR BLIND SHOT HIT AN OPPONENT! 🙂


Extract the downloaded zip-archive in your game folder!


Yury Polyacov: For the permission to use his API in my mod. This mod used a modified version of the player panels API.
IzeBerg: For the modsettings API. Really impressive way to show up a settings dialog!
P0LIR0ID: For the modslist API.
GambitER: For the flash library
spoter: For his settings GUI in the past. Thanks for all your work!

Download mod

File Description File size
zip champi.playerpanelpro_1.75.002_1.24.0.0
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zip champi.playerpanelpro_1.73.003_1.23.1.0
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zip de.champi.wot.playerPanelPro_1.40_1.10.0.1
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zip de.champi.wot.playerPanelPro_1.21_1.8.0.0
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