[1.0.0] Antitoxicity

Features mod:

Filtering “combat commands” (Note the square, Help, Attack, etc.):

Filtering messages from commands in chat
Filtering clicks on the minimap (ping spams)
Filtering display commands on the minimap
Setting the filter restrictions (command type, number, delay time, the type of combat)
Ability to block teams from killed allies
Setting the time flashing of the highlighted square on the minimap

Filtering messages in the combat chat:

Filtering messages by given pattern, including using regular expressions
The ability to block messages from players killed
AutoCorrect posts in a predetermined pattern
Setting the filter restrictions (number, time delay type of combat)
Setting the time is displayed, and the time of its “dissolution”
The ability to completely turn off chat in replays
Dimensionless “black list” (with cleaning function)
Message filter dynamic platoons
Custom Filter pop-up messages in the hangar
Intelligent Message Filter in the channel system, including using regular expressions
Intelligent Message Filter on the minimap
Intelligent Message Filter on the equipment panel
Disabling the destruction of tanks message: “The car is destroyed …”;


unpack the archive into an arbitrary folder
rewrite the res_mods folder from the archive to the WoT directory

Download mod

File Description File size
zip AntiToxicity- 62 KB

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